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Select the conference you want to take part in and specify the name of the conference. Look carefully at the beginning date of the conference, since the process of your article reviewing can take up to three months (articles which did not pass the review are not allowed to participate in the conference).

The conference may be held in two formats:
- the on-line format only (Internet);
- both on-line and off-line formats (live) at the same time.

Publish the article with the help of the special form on the site. Send your article in good English and Russian (Kazakh) language versions attached as files on e-mail

In the text of the letter you must specify the name of the conference, you want to participate in.

Articles, translated in automatic programs (google translate, promt, etc.) are not accepted!

Send payment for preliminary investigation (for compliance with the SCOPUS requirements) and for the review of your work by the editorial Board of the magazine.

You can see below the size and procedure of payment in the section «Payment».

In case the work is approved by the editorial Board, the author gets the e-mail letter with the notification.

In case an article has a partial inconsistency with the requirements of SCOPUS, you will be prompted to correct and send it again.

If the requirements for article according to SCOPUS were violated (plagiarism, a compilation of several other works, automatic translation, etc.) work will be rejected, money for the verification and preliminary review will not be returned!

After receiving the notification on completion the verification and preliminary review, author should pay for the services of two external reviewers. For more details on payment see below in the section «Payment».

Review may take up to three months and go in several stages. After the amendment of the reviewers, the works will be sent to the authors. The authors are obliged to promptly correct these deficiencies and send it back to the editorial office of the magazine, where they again will be sent to reviewers. In case the authors breaks the obligations, the editorial Board reserves the right to withdraw the work from the participation in the conference without reimbursement of costs payment of services of the reviewers.

Work, which did not passed through the review, will not be allowed to participate in the conference and will not be published in the magazine!

If an article does not have time to go through the review process, then it is transferred to the next (nearest) suitable conference according to its theme.

After completion of double-blind peer review work is published in the corresponding section of the Internet-magazine, and the author receives admission for participation in the conference and an appropriate notification to his e-mail.

After receiving the letter with the notification on passing the review and admission for participation in the conference, the author should pay a fee for the publication of a book (you can order a few copies) and the transportation fee.

The edition is made in the printing-house _______.

Books are sent to the authors in two-months period after the end of the conference.

Printed collection of materials indexed by the SCOPUS database.

In case the author participate in off-line (live) conference, after receiving the admission letter he should pay the organizational fee, the amount which is specified in the informational announcement of this conference.

Off-line participant (live) of the conference should purchase tickets and pay for hotel accommodation on their own in the informational announced time, and send a confirmation in the conference participation in the editorial office of the magazine.

The participants should travel to the place of conference on their own.

The participants may use the services of companies-partners ______upon the request

Rules of registration for the articles

Articles are accepted only in high-quality English.
It is prohibited to use untranslatable slang, understandable only for Russian-speaking specialists.
You can use only standard abbreviations.
Electronic versions of the schemes, drawings should be in the jpg format
The article should be 15-20 pages.

The article structure
The title of the article
Name of the author, academic degree, place of work or study (there should be a full unabridged name of organization with its full address), e-mail address. If there are few authors, the full data for each author must be specified.
Author’s summary should function as an independent from the articles source of information, should be compact, but not short (from 150 up to 250 words), structured (follow the logic of results description in the article), substantial (reflect the main content of the article and the results of the research), informative (do not contain common words).
Materials and Methods:

KEYWORDS (keywords of the article)

The text of the article
The introductory part – justification of the relevance and practical significance of the declared scientific problem.
The main part – discussion of the problem: the obtained results, the contribution to the science of this work, the comparison with the datas of other researchers. Here it is necessary to give different examples and make reference to the well-known English-language works.
Conclusion – a brief summary of the key achievements with the practical benefit to the scientific community indication. The conclusion must not be repeating or rephrasing other parts of the article or summary (i.e., to demonstrate what was done by the previous researchers, and what`s new was introduced by the author to solve this problem).
Pre-article references (bibliography)
20% of bibliographic citations should refer to the foreign (English) sources.
Full bibliographic information for all the links, with indication of the page citation.
The structure of bibliographic references:
Author(s) (transliteration), the translation of the title of article in English, the name of the source (transliteration), output data to the markings in English, or just digital. The name of the source should be in italics.

Author, A.A. Author, B.B., Author, C.C. (2005). Title of article. Title of Journal, 10(2), pp. 49-53

The project is non-commercial. All publications in the Internet-magazine are free of charge. The payment is only charged for the translation payment, reviewers, printing services and shipment.
The cost of preliminary verification (for compliance with the SCOPUS requirements) and review –
The cost of the double-blind review –
The cost of producing one printed collection is ___
The cost of shipping inside the Kazakhstan –
The cost of shipping for the countries of the near abroad (CIS) –
Payment is made by the transfer
After making a transfer of money to the card please be sure to send a scanned copy of payment (or quality photos in jpg format) or cheque.